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Tyre Packing Machine
Our tyre packing machine also called tyre tripling machine or tyre tripler for volume reduction and thus freight cost reduction for second hand tyre handling in tyre export business has excellent performance characteristics. We are proud to support our customers with tyre packing machine for better and easier handling of used tyres and to reduce their freight costs enormously.

By innovative product development and high-quality design "Made in Germany" our tyre packing machines are valued worldwide for handling of second hand tyres.

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Tyre Packing Machine

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The BTS-Tyre Packing Machine was designed for specialized Tyre trading companies. It is the perfect solution for cost-effective second hand tyre business. The Tyre Packing Machine solves space, storage and transport problems. It is easy to pack 2 and more used Tyres into one. Doubling or tripling creates a huge reduction of volume, benefit is more storage and loading space so transport and allowable weight that can be exploited efficient.

  • Extreme solid and brass mounted packing slider with grease nipples
  • Robust and long-life design
  • High performance cylinder
  • Ball-bearing roller guides
  • Adjustable work height
  • Pneumatic quick connectors
  • Extremely quiet due to silencer
  • CE-certified
  • Quality product Made in Germany
Technical Details:
  • Pressing force: 0.125 Ton
  • Power supply: Air, up to 10 bar / 145 psi
  • Machine size (H x W x D): 1060 x 1930 x 630 mm
  • Working height: 760 - 880 mm
  • Machine weight: 115 kg
  • Transportation size: 1200 x 800 mm
  • Transportation height: 1200 mm
Loading Aperture:
Optional Extras:
    Machine colour